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Never forget who you are

More than 10 years ago, I was a ballet dancer. Due to an injury I was forced to stop dancing. Ever since I can remember, my grandmother was saying that when I was going into a room I was changing the light of the room, that I had a special energy/light. For so many years, I couldn't understand what she meant, but I understood it when I stopped dancing.

For me dancing was liberation, each movement and expression was freedom. It was me and the dance, me and the movements of my body, a time dedicated to myself.

After the injury slowy slowy I lost that light, not because I stopped dancing, but because I didn’t dedicate time to myself. Also, I believe we live in a society that doesn’t allow us to be ourselves. Without that dedication to ourselves, we stop having that feeling of freedom, that light and we stop following our instincts. Basically, we stop being who we are.

Yoga helped me to find back that light and that mental freedom, with balance through moments, with dedication and discipline. Now I am back to following my inner instinct because that is who I am, and I was able to do that through yoga.

Whatever reason you have to come to yoga, I want you to have that moment for yourself, Your mat and you with dynamic and fresh movement and mental focus, and to achieve what you are looking for, as I did through yoga practice.

I am a Reiki Healer and a Yoga teacher recognized by Yoga Alliance international (certify as vinyasa and rocket teacher 500 hours) and I have now decided to open and extend my knowledge about energy and the body studying Acupuncture (I am not qualify yet, this is in process).

Love life, loving yourself and others

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