Reiki Treatments

What happens during a Reiki session?

A Reiki session is a real treat for everyone. During the treatment, you remain dressed and lie comfortably on a massage table with cushions, while Noa transmits the Reiki energy to you. Even though a Reiki treatment is commonly associated with the laying on of hands, actual touch is not necessarily required. The Reiki energy can be transmitted whilst Noa holds her hands within 1 to 5 inches above your body in your body’s energy field (your aura.) 

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive yet powerful method of healing. Sometimes, a treatment can feel like bathing in light and warmth, leaving your mind and body re-energised. At other times, the gentle currents of energy moving through you may feel like the flow of cleansing and cooling water. Again at other times, the Reiki may feel like a subtle spiritual force that dissolves blockages in your body due to its higher vibration. You might want to smile or cry, whatever it is, just let it be and let it out.

The Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing is very safe and the benefits of a treatment can stay with you for a long time. 

Some of the benefits of Reiki treatments:

Stress relief. Many diseases result from prolonged stress.

Deep relaxation.

Improved sleep.

Pain relief.


Strengthening of the natural self-healing powers and the immune system.

An increase in personal energy, vitality and confidence.

A healthy mind-body connection.

Comforting feelings of connectedness with all life.

Release of emotional and energetic blockages.

Reiki supports one’s personal and spiritual growth.

Balance in life and inner peace. 

The most important when receiving a Reiki Session is you are with an open mind and relax, as the energies will do the rest.

Reiki at your home is also available, please contact me for prices.

To book an appointment for a Reiki session, please contact Noa at [email protected]



"I went in my first session of reiki not believing it would work, even though I believe in naturopathy and alternative medicines, the 'movement of energies and opening of chakras' felt a bit phony for me, but I decided to give new things that won't hurt a try.

During my first session, besides having the amazing experience of feeling energy go through your body and, to my surprise the parts that I was 'heavy' is the places that she felt heavier and worked more on them, and then after the session, she gave me an insight on the chakras, and what could it be the reason of what I felt. immediately after I was so relaxed and so much less anxious I was totally converted into the wonders of reiki. I have slowly and with no effort at all quit smoking, drinking so much and be more mindful, it is not magic but it is something to do over and over, like exercise and psychotherapy. It has greatly improved the quality my day to day life and I wish I would have come across reiki and Noa earlier in my life.

Now we have started to also do acupuncture, that has worked wonders with my sinuses and allergies.

I highly recommend her and her craft and urge you to give it a try.


"I had an interest in Reiki for a while but never had a session till I met the right person. I know Noa trough her yoga teaching and as I was experiencing some knee pain due to an old injury. Noa introduced me to Reiki then and made me feel immediately confy bringing some real pain relief as well as a relaxing ime to the session.

I highly recommend her"